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9 year old publishes a book about the adventures of her lost cat

Ruby has been missing for a year and to ease her mind, Hailey Dixon wrote a book about all the adventures she thinks Ruby is on while away from her Ohio home.

TOLEDO, Ohio — 9-year-old Hailey Dixon is Toledo's newest author. She published her first book this past month after starting the process last June. While it only took her a month to write, it was more challenging than she expected.

"It was kind of hard! Thinking of what ruby was doing, thinking of the names of the pets and the colors," said Hailey. 

The story is inspired by Hailey's cat Ruby, who ran away last spring. 

Ruby still hasn't come back, but to ease her mind, Hailey wrote a book about all the adventures she thinks Ruby is on right now. The book introduces readers to her new animal friends and all the unique places she visits.

"I started to worry about her, so I decided to write a book to make myself not really worry about her as much," said Hailey.

Hailey's main goal is to get her book on the shelves at local libraries, specifically her school library so all of her friends can check out her book.

Even though Ruby is still missing, Hailey is not losing hope she might come back. Additionally, she hopes book helps other kids who may have lost a pet.

"Keep your hopes up, never lose hope and pray to God!" said Hailey.

And as if one weren't enough at 9 years old, Hailey already has plans to write a second book.

"I already know what my next book is going to be!" said Hailey. "It's going to be my uncles own a zoo!"

If you'd like to buy Hailey's book, you can purchase Ruby's Adventure here.

Credit: Hailey Dixon
Hailey Dixon's lost cat, Ruby.