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40 cats rescued from Monroe County hoarding case; Many still need homes

Friends of Companion Animals rescued 40 felines and stressed the importance of feline medical care.

MONROE COUNTY, Michigan — Editor's note: The attached video above is from a story about FOCA that aired on March 12, 2022.

Friends of Companion Animals (FOCA), an all-cat rescue and adoption center in Monroe, Mich., were alerted to a situation in which large numbers of cats were living in one dwelling.

The organization discovered a situation in which a resident had 40 cats: 20 adults, 17 kittens and three nursing mother cats all living in a single-family home. According to a press release, the resident had tried to care for stray cats, but the situation quickly spun out of control when the cats began to breed and they could no longer afford to care for the felines. As a result, many of the cats were in desperate need of medical attention. 

The resident cooperated with FOCA and, over the course of several weeks, the cats were able to receive treatment and be transported to FOCA's shelter. The organization stressed the importance of spaying and neutering cats to prevent situations like this from developing. 

When cats are unaltered (the communal term for both spaying and neutering), they are capable of breeding remarkably quickly. While altering a cat is highly recommended, this procedure can cost pet-owners a lot of money, especially if there are several animals involved. 

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Shelter director Penny Bly expressed her hopes for FOCA's low-cost spay/neuter clinic which, when funded, she claims can prevent situations like these from happening. 

"We could have this clinic up and running next month if we had local sponsorship," Bly said. "We have veterinarians ready to go -- we just need funding...Many people don't realize cats reproduce quickly and they can mate with siblings as young as 4 - 6 months old."

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In addition to altering their own pets, Bly says community members can do their part if they are adequately prepared to care for a new pet. After many of the rescued cats receive the care they need, they will need a forever home. FOCA is adopting out their adult cats for $60 each or $100 per pair; kittens are $90 each or $150 a pair. 

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