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New choices for parents to protect kids from bugs, sun at ProMedica Natural Wellness Shop

The ProMedica Natural Wellness Shop offers natural bug spray and sunscreen products made from no chemicals.

As a parent, you have to protect your children at all times.

Now, you have new choices when it comes to what you put on their skin this summer.

This is the time of year that we spend the most time outside, the mosquitos are biting. 

There are all kinds of bug sprays out there, but it might be hard to trust what's in them; so maybe it's time to go natural.

The Natural Wellness Shop inside the ProMedica Health and Wellness building, located at 5700 Monroe Street in Sylvania, was set to open just as the pandemic kicked in last year.

You may have had lab work done there or a medical appointment, but tucked away in one corner, you'll see this store.

Credit: WTOL

Kylie Study, a natural wellness practitioner at the facility, showcased a Bug Bundle from Wellaroma that you can buy for your kids.

"This is a natural bug spray, so no chemicals. It's based with essential oils. This is a bug-off spray. It has some citronella in there, patchouli. There is also a specific spray if you're really going to be out in the woods. This is for ticks as well," Study said.

The bundle also has an anti-itch roller that can soothe mosquito bites. And they also have natural sunscreen that's mineral-based with no chemicals at about $17 a bottle.

Credit: WTOL

If you have kids that gets nauseous, or car sick, there's a new treatment called PSI Bands that don't rely on any medicine or chemicals to make a stomach feel better.

They look like a watch that kids would like to wear, and are under $20.

"You would wear them on both wrists. So this little bead here, this is what presses on the acupuncture point and it's on the inner side of the wrist. And there's little instructions on where exactly to place it. And then you would put the band around and you would tighten the band," Study said. "It puts pressure on a specific point on the wrist to help calm the stomach."

The Oncology department at ProMedica is actually looking to provide the bands to patients undergoing chemotherapy. They can also be used by pregnant women with morning sickness.

The shop also sells earache relief medicine, diaper rash cream, essential oils and CBD oil.

But there's one big question we had: do these natural remedies really work without the traditional ingredients inside?

Study stands by all of them, but says you should consult with your kids' doctor before you change over to natural treatments

"Always do your homework. Any time you're going to put something on your body, in your body, whether it's natural or not, always do your homework. We want to know what we're doing to our health and to our bodies," Study said.

The Natural Wellness Shop is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. 





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