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'I didn't want to let her down' | Republic Services employee helps woman find wedding ring lost in the trash

The two teamed up and tore through bags at the local transfer station for 45 minutes, before the employee finally found the one that had the lost ring tucked inside.
Credit: Republic Services

A woman has been reunited with her wedding ring after it was accidentally lost in the trash, thanks to an employee with Republic Services.

According to a post on Facebook, the waste management company received a phone call from a customer, saying she had thrown her wedding ring into the garbage by mistake - that's when driver Jason E. stepped in.

Jason was told the ring was likely somewhere inside of his compacted eight-ton load. The jewelry is valued at thousands of dollars, but more than that, it holds memories.

The customer and Jason teamed up, armed with personal protective equipment (PPE), to go through the local transfer station in pursuit of the lost ring.

The area was secured, and Jason tried to pinpoint where he thought that specific bag could be.

The pair dove right in, ripping apart bags in what seemed like a fruitless quest. But, 45 minutes later, Jason finally found the one that had the ring tucked inside. 

"I was determined to find that ring for her. I knew how much it meant to her and I didn't want to let her down," Jason said.

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