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Kids take office: City of Toledo names 2023 Kid Mayor, Kid Council

10-year-old Gabrielle Mukiira, a fourth-grade student at Grove Patterson Elementary, is the 2023 Kid Mayor of Toledo alongside a 12-member Kid Council.

TOLEDO, Ohio — The 2023 Kid Mayor of Toledo was announced Tuesday as 10-year-old Gabrielle Mukiira, a fourth-grade student at Grove Patterson Elementary in west Toledo.

She prefers to go by Gabby, and she accepted Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz's offer to become one of the newest city officials with two yesses: the first a calm and professional one befitting of a leader, followed by an even more emphatic one that showed hints of youthful excitement.

Alongside the city-appointed Kid Council, Gabby and her mayor-council government -- the same form of local government that Toledo operates under -- will learn about various city departments and what they do day-to-day. The youths will then highlight issues and opportunities for growth in the Glass City and present policy to Toledo City Council based on their findings.

The members of the 2023 Kid Council are:

  • Joseph Haslinger
  • George Haslinger
  • Melanie Buenavista
  • A'mora Richardson
  • Leighla Williams
  • Edward McDaniel III
  • Jayla Churchill
  • Bryce Cowell
  • Arabella Gentile
  • Celeste Moran
  • Madelyn Branum
  • Dexton Cooper

Gabby's goals for her term include spreading peace and love, which she practices in her daily life as a positive personality who enjoys dancing and drawing.

Gabby is the second Kid Mayor of Toledo, succeeding Evelyn Bush, the inaugural Kid Mayor who served her term while a student at Glenwood Elementary School.

Kid Mayor Announcement 2023

We are excited to announce the 2023 Kid Mayor of Toledo, Gabrielle Mukiira! Gabrielle is a 4th grader at Grove Patterson Elementary; outside of school, she likes to dance, draw and spread peace and love through positivity. We are happy to have Gabby alongside us this year. Gabby, and Kid Council, will learn about city operations throughout the year by touring various city departments. The group will be asked about their perspective on city initiatives and present a policy to Toledo City Council based on issues they determine through their work as Kid Mayor and Council. What comes next? Stay tuned for the Human Relations Commission: Toledo to announce the 2023 Kid Council!

Posted by City of Toledo on Tuesday, March 7, 2023

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