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'They needed him and he needed them' | The secret to Northview's state championship success is a senior who never played a game

The history-making Wildcats went 18-0 with their biggest fan in the stands. Isaac Seyer is the team's good luck charm and so much more.

SYLVANIA, Ohio — Isaac Seyer has become a fixture with the Northview High School baseball team, but his impact can’t be measured on a stat sheet. His journey to joining the Wildcats program started with a simple conversation in the school hallway.

“He’d be like ‘hey man, you guys got a baseball game tonight?' And I’d be like 'yeah! Come out, five o’clock,'” Northview senior Braden Tackett said.

But not every day was perfect. The choppy waters of high school life can sometimes throw you unexpected challenges. Isaac would come home and tell his family about how bullies would ruin his day.

“It’s tough for any parent to sit and listen to it,” Isaac’s dad, Chris Seyer, said. “You try to navigate through all the negativity and find something positive. I told him just keep doing the right thing, take care of yourself, good things will happen.”

“I had a lot of people freshman or sophomore year making fun of my weight,” Isaac said. “Then I met a lot of these guys and these guys were good friends and they were there for me whenever I needed their help.”

And that’s where this story turns. 

His love for baseball and that open invitation to come out to the team's games became much more. 

Without Isaac in attendance, Northview had lost a couple games. But when he returned, suddenly, the Wildcats were winning and Isaac had become the good luck charm.

“Coach Szparka told me I can’t miss another game,” said Isaac. “I have to come to every single game that they have for the rest of the season.”

“It first started with ‘they’ have a game, 'can I go to the game?'” Chris Seyer said. “It turned into ‘we’ have a game.”

“We had parents picking him up, taking him to away games for us,” Northview Head Coach Greg Szparka said. “We were 18-0 with him at every game. It’s unbelievable.”

The team received their medals after winning the state championship game in Akron; but this past weekend, during the celebration back at the school, they got one more medal ready. 

Isaac had officially been added to the team, and Coach Szparka wanted him to know just how much he meant to this group.

“I said ‘I need one more’ and there wasn’t a question asked,” Szparka said. “We just wanted to make him part of it. His name is going to be on all the t-shirts. He’s going to be in the picture in the school. As long as this school is here, he’ll be up on that wall.”

It started with a simple conversation in a school hallway and it turned into so much more. Memories that will last a lifetime and a bond that will never fade.

“We’ve got 22 of us out here that give him hugs and fist bumps,” Tackett said. “He might not have gotten that opportunity before. That’s why there’s always the right chance to do something.”

“Words can’t explain it, he’s on cloud nine right now,” said Chris Seyer. “It was a great combination. They needed him and he needed them and it worked tremendously.”

“It made me feel like they were my second family,” said Isaac. “They were just so nice and caring.”


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