TOLEDO, Ohio — Friday was the day of love, and some couples decided to take that love one step further and become Mr. and Mrs.

Valentine's Day is usually a busy day for wedding chapels. People around the world celebrate love, sealing it with a kiss. Friday marked that special day for one Michigan couple.

After a year of dating, Wayne and Minyonne Pappon decided it was time to take their relationship to the next level on a day that had a special meaning.

"We considered it would be perfect for us because we are filled with love," Wayne said. 

"It's a celebration anyways and not only that, it's my mom's birthday today, so that was special to me," Minyonne said.

Wayne described the day as a a blank coloring book that's now colored in.

Simply Married owner, Jess Kozak said the holiday is always special because of its added love factor.

"So today, on Valentine's Day, it's like the Super Bowl in our line of work that we do here," Kozak said.

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