KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Something really special is happening at a hospital in Kansas City.

Saint Luke’s Hospital’s NICU department is caring for 12 sets of twins!

Hospital administrators believe this is the largest number of twins it’s ever cared for at one time.

"We're honored to care for 12 sets of twins who have called the Saint Luke's Hospital's NICU home, all at the same time," hospital staff wrote in a Facebook post.

The babies were born anywhere from five to 14 weeks early.

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For 12 years, when Jamont wasn't working at was attached to a kidney dialysis machine. In 2017, he finally broke free when he received a transplant at Bishop Spencer Place, he... Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City, which also happened to be the hospital's 1,600th kidney transplant.

According to the CDC, twin births are declining. The numbers went down by 4% from 2014 to 2019. 

But, these twins didn't care about the stats, they decided to arrive all at the same time.