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Happy ending for dog stabbed in robbery that took life of her owner

Anthony Banks was stabbed and died during a robbery last year. His dog, Baby Girl was also stabbed and almost died. But that's not the end of the story.
Credit: Toledo Police Dept. Facebook

TOLEDO, Ohio — It’s a small ray of light at the end of a tragic story.

On Oct. 19 of last year. 60-year-old Anthony Banks was murdered in central Toledo.

Banks had been stabbed at least one time, and died on the scene, along with his dog, Baby Girl, who had also been stabbed and almost died.

Although detectives were unable to save Banks’ life, Baby Girl was quickly taken to MedVet Toledo where prompt treatment was able to keep her alive.

But that wasn’t the end of the story for Baby Girl.

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Throughout the investigation into Banks’ murder, lead Detective Mooney with the Toledo Police Department, made it a priority to check up on the recovering dog and apparently forged a connection.

During that time, Mooney was able to issue and arrest warrant for the murder of Banks and stabbing of Baby Girl.

Anne Hair, also known as Anne Green, was arrested in November, in Tennessee.

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Detectives say Hair stabbed Banks and Baby Girl during a robbery attempt.

Meanwhile, Baby Girl continued to heal, with help from the Lucas County Pit Crew and time spent in a foster home, all the while being checked up on by Detective Mooney.

On May 7, over half a year after the tragic night that took the life of her owner and almost took her own, Baby Girl was adopted by none other than Detective Mooney and her family.