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Decadent Valentine's Chocolate Mousse

Decadent Valentine's Chocolate Mousse-- Eston's

Decadent Valentine's Chocolate Mousse

2 Tbsp. Butter (not margarine)
8 oz. of semi sweet chocolate
3 C. heavy whipping cream

Makes 8 servings

Put chocolate chips in a large glass or metal bowl.  Take butter and heavy cream and put in a small pot.  Put pot on the stove and bring to a boil.  Watch closely while its on the stove so it doesn't boil over.

Turn off heat and immediately pour cream in the bowl of chocolate chips.  Take a wire whisk and stir mixture until chocolate is completely melted.  Place bowl in refrigerator  overnight to get chilled well.  Take the bowl out when you are ready to whip up the mousse.  Place mixture in mixing bowl and whip on medium speed until light and fluffy and forms peaks.  Do not over whip or mixture will become grainy.  Take whipped mousse and place in cups and top with whipped cream.