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What's Ohio's and Michigan's favorite Christmas candy?

You would think cane candy cane would be on the top of the list for Ohioans and Michiganders. But the answer might surprise you!
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

TOLEDO, Ohio — The cozy, sweet holiday season is here and has a lot of us thinking about all the delicious foods we like to eat this time of the year. But for many, there is nothing better than all the holiday-themed candy we get to receive and gift for Christmas. 

A  survey conducted by CandyStore.com concluded that each state has its favorite Christmas candy. In Ohio, the most popular sweets are Hershey kisses, Pez, and peppermint bark. For our Michigander neighbors up north, their favorites are candy corn, mini Reese's cups and peppermint bark. 

But candy is a lot more popular during the winter holidays than you might think. In fact, 93% of people gift chocolate and candy this time of year and more than one billion candy canes are produced only for the Christmas season every year. 

You can check the favorite candies for every state in the table below: 

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