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Eat up! We're cracking the code on secret fast-food menus

Come with us as we explore the unadvertised, unofficial world that is fast-food secret menus.

CLEVELAND -- Roughly 50 million Americans eat at fast food restaurants in the United States each day, and the industry itself rakes in $110 billion a year. We all know the favorites that people associate with each one of the restaurants: McDonalds has the Big Mac, Wendy’s has the Frosty and Burger King has the Whopper. Sometimes, however, what you see on the menu is much less than what you can get.

We wanted to open up the world of secret menu ordering, so we decided to put six local franchises to the test. Some of them knew what we were ordering right away, others didn't. Then there were a few that weren't quite sure, but happy to accommodate.

Check out the results, below:

Burger King

This item at Burger King is when you want the best of both worlds: French fries, or onion rings? Enter, Frings.

The result? They knew our order.


We ordered the MC10:35. This monster consists of a McDouble combined with an Egg McMuffin. Basically, breakfast and lunch in one bite.

The result? They didn't know it, so we crafted it together, ourselves.


The infamous meat cube. It's a full pound of hamburger meat consisting of four beef patties, and all the fixings on a bun.

The result? They didn't know it, but they made it for us once we explained it.

Taco Bell

We went there assuming we would get one thing, and left with something totally different. We're talking about The Incredible Hulk. We *thought* it was a five-layer burrito, smothered in guacamole. We received a large beverage consisting of Mountain Dew, Baja Blast, and Sierra Mist.

The result? Debatable. Their version was, indeed, a secret menu item, but they hadn't heard of our version.


A dessert lover's dream, in a cup. We ordered the banana cream pie frappuccino. It's a vanilla bean frap, blended with a whole banana, hazelnut and vanilla syrup.

The result? They didn't know our order, but were happy to accommodate us.

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