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Cauliflower-flavored PEEPS and a Velveeta skincare line? Not so fast.

Bottom line: Be careful what you hear, see and read on April 1!
Credit: Green Giant
Green Giant® and PEEPS® partner to introduce limited-edition cauliflower-flavored marshmallow bunnies.

INDIANAPOLIS — We've arrived at the holiday many people dread each year by falling for silly pranks, product announcements and gags.

Green Giant and PEEPS announced a partnership to introduce the world to cauliflower-flavored marshmallow bunnies.

Healthier alternatives using cauliflower for popular foods, including pizza, wings and chips, have grown in popularity in recent years. Do we really need to alter the already controversial holiday treat?

The most important line to read in the press release? The product will be available beginning April 1. Toward the bottom of the announcement, Green Giant says, "While this is just a prank, both brands do firmly believe vegetables and PEEPS belong in every bunny's Easter basket (just maybe not in the same package)."

Credit: Velveeta
Velveeta says "V by Velveeta" will help you discover your skin’s natural, creamy complexion.

Velveeta, the popular cheese brand from Kraft Heinz, aimed to take customers' beauty routine to the next level.

With the tagline "the creaminess of Velveeta," V by Velveeta acted as the latest skincare line to discover the skin's natural, creamy complexion.

The company said the line includes a daily moisturizer, night cream and renewal serum, ranging between $35-$50.

The product is in such high demand, there's a waitlist, where customers will be notified when V by Velveeta is ready for purchase. 

If you still aren't catching on, the product isn't ever going to be available and is just another marketing ploy to spark conversation on the jokester holiday.

Bottom line: Be careful what you hear, see and read on April 1!