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Ways to stay safe while at prom

The superintendent for Sylvania Schools is planning for a fun dance that will keep students safe.

SYLVANIA, Ohio — Spring is an exciting time for high school teens, for some it means graduation and their last school dance – prom.

Students over at Southview Sylvania High School will celebrate prom on Saturday, May 6, and Northview will be celebrating the following Saturday, May 13.

When it comes to prom, graduation or any party your teen attends, it's important to talk with your kids about safety ahead of time.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, teens whose parents talk to them regularly about drugs and alcohol are 42% less likely to use those substances than kids whose parents do not have those discussions.

In order to keep everyone safe, here's a few helpful tips before they head to prom:

  • Keep your cell phone on you at all times and remember to have it fully charged and check in with your family every once in a while, or when needed.
  • Remind your sports team that illegal behavior can mean loss of scholarship funds or even acceptance to college.
  • Never leave your drink unattended or accept a drink from anyone you don't know.

The superintendent for Sylvania Schools is planning for a fun dance that will keep students safe.

"This is a wonderful time of year. It is especially an exciting time for the Class of 2023 as they attend the end-of-year programs, assemblies and celebrations," said Dr. Veronica Motley, Superintendent of Sylvania Schools. 

Sylvania Schools reminds students to be responsible and safe not only on prom weekend but throughout the year. Safety and security at school functions is always a top priority. As always, we ask students that if they 'see something, say something.'"

The school district isn't the only ones that are making sure that students stay safe, but Sylvania city police department as well.

"It's a school event but ultimately the parents gotta to stay in touch with their kids and communicate with them. Make sure that they know exactly where they're going to be throughout the whole day, know their schedule, know who they're going with, what other friends they're going to be hanging out with. Make sure they keep their phones with them and make sure they stay in touch."

Another helpful tip for students while they're heading out for prom is to make sure that your phone is fully charged so you can contact your family when needed.




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