TOLEDO (WTOL) - It’s that time of year again. Families are doing everything to keep everyone healthy.

And while preventing the flu is usually the biggest worry, Norovirus is a sicknesses that we often forget about. It’s an illness that causes severe vomiting and diarrhea.

“We sometimes think that sometimes when you get the flu, it’s like the stomach flu but it’s probably a food poisoning or Norovirus something along those lines,” said Lucas County Health Commissioner Eric Zgodzinski.

One place where Norovirus is common is in schools. Perrysburg High School nurse Debbie Reddick said educating children about how to protect themselves from these types of sicknesses is the first step to preventing them.

“At our elementary buildings our nurses do try and do some in class education as far as hand-washing. The other thing we try and focus on in addition to the hand-washing is not touching the T-zone, eyes, nose and mouth” said Reddick.

If you or someone in your family does get Norovirus, taking extra precautions immediately is important. Be sure to have someone who’s not sick clean areas of your home with disinfectant. Additionally stay away from preparing food for anyone and most importantly, wash your hands.

“You know wash your hands. With any type of flu, Norovirus, the best type of defense is to wash your hands,” said Zgodzinski.