BOWLING GREEN, Ohio — Being a mom isn't easy, but help from others facing similar challenges can go a long way.

Ashley Ralston became a mom to Amzie 15 months ago. Soon, she'll welcome her second child.

When Ralston first became a mom, she had a ton of questions and being new to the area, she didn't have a big mom network. 

"I began frantically searching for groups to join or just anything around the area to give me a resource to find other moms and I couldn't really find anything," Ralston said.

So, she started Toledo Moms. It's an online resource for all things Mom in northwest Ohio. It launches Wednesday, Jan 15 and it includes a website, Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest accounts. 

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"From new moms to teenage moms to grandmas. Then, we'll provide local guides, stuff to do around the area and then we'll provide events for moms night out. Stuff to do for toddlers. Playgroups, anything on that," she said.

There are 45 writers who contribute, including local small business owner Deborah Lambdin. She's mom to three teenagers. 

She runs Create Art Studio and Workshop in Perrysburg and sees the stressed-out mom of littles ones, trying to figure it all out. 

"Just to be able to share any little information or experience that I've had to help moms who are going through things I've already gone through," Lambdin said.

The website will also feature mom writers from different points of view to appeal to a variety of ways mothers can choose to raise their own crews.  The website,, will be available by 8 a.m. Wednesday. 

You can also find them on social media: