TOLEDO, Ohio — There are many ways to get your family through these trying times.

A Virginia mom was getting worried about her daughter and came up with something calming and reassuring.

She created a new book that can explain what's going on with the COVID-19 pandemic - on their level.

Christianne Klein noticed her daughter, Livia, was beginning to notice things had changed in her life, even though she's only two.

She went from enjoying her mom and dad being home all the time to saying her doll was sick.

She even acted out the reality with her toys.

"We could not figure out what we were going to say to her about what was actually happening in the world and every other parent I know is in the exact same boat," said Christianne.

Since there isn't a children's book out there that explains the coronavirus, Christianne teamed up with her mother, a family therapist, to write "Anna and the Germ that Came to Visit."

A page from the book
Christianne Klein

It's their way of saying that parents shouldn't assume kids don't pick up on what's going on around them.

"This book is a great way to start the conversation with children. It speaks their language, they relate to the little character, they see her going through the feelings they're going through, all their concerns, and it gives them a lot of hope at the end," said Helene Van Sant-Klein, the grandmother who also illustrated the book.

If you want a copy to read to your kids, or have them read themselves, it is available on Amazon and says it only takes a few days to ship.