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Family focus: Making a healthy delicious breakfast for your children

This simple tortilla wrap is perfect for making your little ones feeling satisfied and ready to learn.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Getting you and your little ones out the door in the morning with a healthy breakfast can sometimes be challenging. That’s why we caught up with Holistic Health Coach Jenny Perin to show you how to make it quick, simple, nutritious and convenient. 

Here's what she taught us:

What you’re looking for in any breakfast is protein, fat and fiber. So, something to get you and your kids through until lunch. You don’t want that foggy feeling when your blood sugar drops. That's why this simple tortilla wrap is perfect for your little ones. 

All you need is a tortilla, scrambled eggs. Then you add the eggs, beans, salsa, cheese. Try looking for a good quality cheese if you can tolerate that. I like to throw in spinach because my kids don’t know it’s there. 

These are called overnight oats. All you have to do is put it together the night before and screw off the top and just eat them. You don’t have to heat them up. 

We start with oats. I use about 2/3 cup whole grain oats, about 1 cup almond milk. Put it all in. I like for sweetness some mashed banana, it really is a perfect breakfast. Add berries if you want more. 

Our last option is something everyone can get into the kitchen and quickly make. I like to start with a banana because it will make it smooth. A little bit of flaxseed. This is going to give you protein and fiber. 

Remember, we are looking for protein, fat, and fiber. And frozen fruit works great because we don’t have to mess with any ice because it’s already cold. Then, the milk of your choice. I like almond milk.

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