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Local teens could have trouble finding summer jobs

The coronavirus pandemic is limiting available positions. Here are some things your teen can try.

Many parents are unemployed because of the coronavirus pandemic, but that feeling could also hit teenagers.

Your teenager needs a job to help with college or just to pay for gas or car insurance.

But they could find a rough road this summer.

In neighboring Indiana, there's Project Indy, a youth employment initiative that tries to get at least 4,000 teens employed for the summer.

But because of restrictions from the CDC, it says many employers are scaling back and not hiring as many teens as normal.

“Kids are anxious to work, it’s just a case of do their parents feel like it’s safe enough for them to get out there and also there are less jobs out there right now,” said Erika Seydel-Cheney, the Director of in-school youth initiatives for EmployIndy.

It's a similar situation in the Cleveland area, where Youth Opportunities Unlimited helps teens find summer jobs.

They say they would have helped 2,500 teens, but because of COVID-19, they may only need to help 1,000 find a job.

Their vice president of development, Missy Toms, says social distancing and safety mandates, along with the gradual reopening of the state, are leading to limited opportunities for teens.

Some businesses can't hire additional staff or they don't know when they can reopen. 

But tell your teenager not to give up.

Many fast foot restaurants and grocery stores are hiring teens, and traditional jobs are there if they want to put in the work.  

"There is still the ability to go out and mow grass and stuff if you want to do something a little more that’s laid back but yet make additional dollars,” said Seydel-Cheney.

You can find resources to help your teen find a job or sharpen their skills and resume on the Ohio Means Jobs website.

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