TOLEDO (WTOL) - Whether it’s to spend quality time or there’s just no time to make dinner, many of us are dining out with our kids. But it can also be challenging and expensive.

“I do eat out quite a bit, and I choose usually a little bit louder places,” Rose Toth, said giggling.

Toth said restaurants that play music tend to be more kid friendly.

She likes sharing her tips like on the Facebook page she created called “Social Mamas and their kids.”

The moms on the page share their tips and ways to make memories with their children.

Besides louder restaurants, Toth likes places that bring out bread or chips right away to help get her son Eros occupied.

Kendra Royer uses the same strategy with her son Louis. She she orders her kids' food as soon as they sit down.

“My kids eat slow, so if they can eat the food in front of them while we’re ordering and talking, it makes life a lot easier,” Royer said.

To save time and money, Royer also likes frequenting favorites.

"We get coupons thru the app or deals thru the app so if it’s a place I go to a lot, I put the app on my phone so that I can take advantage of those deals.”

Clipping coupons or purchasing Groupons can also save cash.

“It’s a good way to try some new places I haven’t tried before and digital coupons as well,” Toth said.

You don’t have to corner yourself into kids meals either.

“Tea Tree has half off sushi on Tuesdays so we can get half off those nights and we can share those meals.”

Toth said that’s usually healthier and helps with portion control.

“A la carte helps a lot, it’s also a lot less wasteful,” Royer said.

Keeping track of “kids eat free days” can be a great money saver.

“I know on Sunday I can go to tropical smoothie and I buy a meal and he gets a meal for free and el vaquero is on Tuesdays,” Toth said.

To make it easy for you to keep track of the days, we’ve compiled a whole calendar for you to plan around below:

Family Focus: Dining out with kids