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Company helps parents by donating school supplies

Yoobi makes vibrant school supplies, many of which are donated to schools in need, and Ohio programs are already seeing the benefits.

With Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announcing Wednesday that it's his goal to start school in the fall with kids in classrooms, there's a major effort to get kids the supplies they need - even during the coronavirus pandemic. 

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Ido Leffler is an Australian entrepreneur and the co-founder of Yoobi.

It's a colorful name, which is fitting because what Yoobi does is colorful.

The company makes vibrant school supplies, many of which are donated to schools in need.

It focuses its efforts on elementary schools where at least 70-percent of students receive free or reduced-cost lunch.

With help from the Kids In Need Foundation, the supplies are then distributed - and you can help!

"You can go to Target today. You can buy a Yoobi item. Every item you buy, another item will be given away. We want to make school supplies fun again. But most importantly, our goal for Yoobi is to provide free school supplies to every child that needs it here in the U.S.," Leffler said.

Each classroom gets a 20-pound box of supplies for 30 children.

Included are pencils, crayons and so much more.

Yoobi has been active in Ohio, giving supplies to 81,150 kids in Dayton and 119,370 children through Crayons to Computers in Cincinnati.

Donations were also made for the benefit of 83,310 kids for the Kids in Need resource center in Cleveland.

The National Center for Education Statistics says more than 12 million children under 18 are from families living in poverty.

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Yoobi has donated more than 73 million school supplies, easing the financial burden on families

"You know that every time you buy, whether it's a Yoobi pencil case or a Yoobi pen, that's gonna help a child right here in a school such as this. For us, if we can impact those children and help them feel more confident at school, if we can help them feel that they can turn up to school and do their homework at home because they now have supplies that they can take with them, you know, that means a lot to us," Leffler said. 

Yoobi has donated more than 73 million school supplies so far. 

Celebrities have also joined the effort, like Zendaya, Usher, and Pharrell Williams.