TOLEDO (WTOL) - February is American Heart Month. We hope you are sticking with your Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge with us at home to keep your heart healthy!

We have the Walleye team physician working with us this season.

Dr. Matt Roth says you need to quit some bad habits to keep your heart healthy.

“I have a feeling Kelly isn’t going to like this one. ... Here are your ProMedica Doctor’s Orders,” Dr. Roth said.

How is fitness good for heart health and for reducing risk for heart disease?

“Fitness is so important to keep the heart healthy. The heart is a muscle that gets bigger and stronger with exercise. Each time you exercise, your body practices using oxygen more efficiently as your blood vessels widen to pump blood throughout the body,” Dr. Roth said. “This improves how efficient the heart is and makes its job easier, even when you aren’t exercising. Less stress on the heart and blood vessels improves heart risk factors, blood pressure and cholesterol. Fitness can serve as an indicator when the heart’s not working right, like a daily stress test.”

Exercise isn’t just good for prevention; it’s also good for managing heart health. If you have an existing heart condition, you should speak with your healthcare provider before beginning any exercise program. However, exercise has been shown to help people who have heart conditions, such as heart disease and irregular heart rhythms.

Aerobic and anaerobic exercises are both important for overall health, but aerobic exercise is better for heart health. This type of exercise causes your heart rate to gently increase and return to its normal state. Walking, cycling, jogging, swimming and even doing yard work are great examples of aerobic exercise.

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