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Baby formula still in short supply

The baby formula shortage continues due to recalls and production shut downs.

TOLEDO, Ohio — It’s been nearly 10 months since the shortage started and many families are still struggling to find baby formula.  

The shortage started because the largest infant formula manufacturer in the country recalled its popular Similac powder and two lines of specialized formula, shutting down one of its plants because of bacterial contamination.

According to the FDA, things are nowhere near as dire as they were at the height of the infant formula shortage when more than 40 percent of all formulas were out of stock across the country. 

As of last month, about 12.5 percent of formula baby powder was out of stock across the country. Still. manufactures are struggling to keep up with the demand. 

A local pharmacist and owner of HealthyRX in south Toledo says if you're looking for infant formula, he can help you out.

"We can check it, if we can get it from our multiple wholesalers that we work with, and if we can, we will immediately let you know. Usually nine times out of ten we will have it in the next day if it’s available, so we'll take your name, number and will give you the call as soon as it comes in," says Dr. Hassan Doueik - RPH, at HealthyRX.

He also adds, do not make your own baby formula - it can put your baby at risk for nutritional deficiencies. 


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