COLUMBUS, Ohio — Viewers know every Monday 10TV News at noon ends with a visit from our friends at the Columbus Zoo along with one of the animals.

Just before a commercial, we previewed the upcoming segment with the zoo featuring Pájaro, a toco toucan. The bird was sitting on his perch waiting for his moment.

But less than two minutes before we came back from the break, Pájaro decided he wasn't TV ready, took off and flew up into the rafters in our studio.

Heather Price from the Columbus Zoo and 10TV staff tried to reach the bird using ladders and offering treats but Pájaro did not want to come down.

The toco toucan decided to stay in the rafters of our studio for more than an hour before deciding to come down.

Pájaro stayed up in the rafters for more than an hour.

At 1:43 p.m., Price finally got him to come down and back into his cage to head back to the Columbus Zoo.