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Northwest Ohio animal shelters offer adoption specials

Local animal shelters say they're hearing from rescue organizations across the country that people are simply not adopting right now.

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio — Inflation is at a 40-year high and money is tight right now. 

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People aren't exactly lining up to add to their family, as least not of the animal variety. 

Erin Moore with the Wood County Humane Society said it seems right now, people just aren't looking to adopt animals, particularly adult dogs and cats. 

"This is not something local. This is a nationwide problem, or challenge, that the rescue and shelter community is facing right now. So, interesting times for sure," Moore said.

Lucas County Canine Care and Control can attest to that.

"Oh my gosh, we're so full," said Cassie Bloomfield, the the shelter's community outreach manager. "We have like 180 dogs right now."

The reason isn't exactly clear. 

"I think people just aren't adopting right now," Bloomfield said.

If you are looking for a pet right now, it's the perfect time. 

Shelters all over the area are running adoption specials.

You can get an cat older than six months old from the Toledo Humane Society for $20 or buy one-get one free. Dogs over six months old go home for $50.

At the Wood County Humane Society, adult cats are just $5. Kittens are buy one, get one half-off and adult dogs are $50.

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"We're trying to help out community by taking in the animals that we can, but to be able to do that we do have to be able to do adoptions to make room for new animals," Moore said.

Lucas County Canine Care and Control is running a special from noon to 4pm. Saturday at Furniture Palace on Reynolds Road in Maumee.

Dogs are only $25, plus the cost of a $25 license. 

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