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Chicken elected president of Alaska Zoo

Forget elephants and donkeys: A chicken has beaten a bear in a presidential election put on by The Alaska Zoo.

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Results from a vote held by The Alaska Zoo are in. 

In a tightly fought contest, "Squishy the Chicken" beat out "Izzy the Bear" for the presidential title by just $100 — that's right, dollars. 

In this election, ballots were cast through donations, which helped raise more than $20,000 for The Alaska Zoo.

Though Squishy may lack the visual appeal of Izzy, zookeepers say she makes up for it with charisma. 

"Squishy's always been a leader. She's the only chicken who knows how to get out of the petting zoo, and we don't stop her; she just hops on over, and she'll follow us around as we push our carts to other exhibits. She'll eat stuff off our cart. She just goes exploring," zookeeper Kora Isakson said. "It's very funny, and then she comes back when she's done. None of the other chickens know how to do that. She's very special."

The Alaska Zoo also named Squishy's running mates — the petting zoo's hens — as vice presidents. 

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