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REWIND: School pride runs deep as North Dallas HS celebrates milestone

There's a lot of history built in with the bricks at this Dallas high school.

DALLAS — As students head back to school this month, many will be returning to activities, friends and a sense of community they missed out on last year. There is no place where that community is more apparent than North Dallas High School.

Built in 1922, NDHS is the oldest high school building in the city, and is designated a historical landmark by the Texas Historical Commission.

The school has withstood attempts to disturb the tradition the community holds dear. 

According to the school website, a group of mothers physically blocked workers from changing the letters on the building after the school was renamed in the 1920s, a change that was rescinded just one week later.

The school will celebrate its 100th anniversary next year, but for the 50th anniversary in 1972, the mayor declared North Dallas High School Day. 

Children were allowed out of school early to take part in a parade and rally through the neighborhood streets. On the same day, a WFAA story caught back up with Doris Comstock, a student in the graduating class of 1924 and the daughter of the school’s original principal.

While walking the halls of her old school building, she recalled the sense of pride students took in North Dallas High School and how even though their football team was not good in those early years, the community showed up and cheered loudly to show their support.

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