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Summer Wheat Harvest Comes Early This Year

A special look at the beauty of the harvest

FOSTORIA, Wood County —

The Harvest Song...

written and produced by Lou hebert

It's that time of year again..when dust and heat rise in the air

float above these fields of  gold....

where another harvest is taking hold....

It's a rite of summer, the farmers know,   

to ride these ripened waves

row by row

on a field of promise

where they've made life grow..

In the wind the field waltzes, sometimes laugh 

As churning steel make clouds of chaff

A Black Swamp bounty...from these ancient seeds

that spring  from the sod

there's a world they feed

It's July again, time to gather the grain

With machine and men,

before the rain...hope to get it all.

Watch the sky, and know that nature makes the call 

It's that time of year, the waiting's done

The reapers' blades flash in the sun

mow it now, while heads are still dry

the John Deere hums

The swallows cry, 

 the sun beats down on brows of sweat 

from heavy toil, and anxious debt..

The patient wait of winter 

yields now to summer's haste

gather the feast, 

leave nothing to waste

Lessons long learned from father's toil

souls with sickles still walk the soil

from hard work, and hard hands

That paint the colors on the land

A perennial drama on a stage of gold

from roadside seats it all unfolds

Easy to see,  hard to  refrain

from harvesting the beauty  

from these fields of grain.