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Kiedrowski Bakery in Amherst to cater 'snoogles' for NFL playmakers

It's not just downtown businesses who are seeing the impact of the draft.

AMHERST, Ohio — As all eyes turn to downtown Cleveland for the NFL Draft, it's not just businesses in close proximity to the action, that are hoping to leave a lasting impression. 

Kiedrowski's Bakery in Amherst is hoping to wow those with the NFL organization with it's legendary "snoogles." 

The Northeast Ohio staple has been tasked with making more than 300 of its popular treats to feed players, celebrities, NFL legends and members of the national media during the NFL Draft. 

According to co-owner, Tim Kiedrowski, the NFL reached out to them to cater the event after hearing about their popular snoogles while researching catering options. 

"We are just so honored to be able to have the ability to be able to provide that," said Tim.

All of Northeast Ohio, is hoping to put its best foot forward, showing off all the region has to offer.

Kiedrowski's Bakery is located at 2267 Cooper Foster Park Road. 


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