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From Mean Streak to Steel Vengeance: A timeline of Cedar Point's newest roller coaster

We break down the nearly two-year journey it took to bring Steel Vengeance to life at Cedar Point.

Ryan Haidet

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Published: 8/15/2017 9:34:56 AM
Updated: 11:02 AM EDT April 25, 2018

SANDUSKY, Ohio -- It has been a long time coming. Now the moment is finally here...

Steel Vengeance has come to life at Cedar Point.

Rising from the footprint of the former Mean Streak roller coaster, Steel Vengeance is an all-new record-breaking ride that combines wood and steel to create a much smoother experience.

The journey began nearly two years ago with the news that Mean Streak was going away forever, and that's where we begin this in-depth timeline...

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