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COVID-19 threatens to impact the performing arts, but the Stranahan Theatre is keeping performances on schedule

How the Stranahan is working through rising COVID-19 concerns.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Live entertainment is one of the biggest industries impacted by the pandemic. After making a comeback from 2020, many Broadway shows and other performances are once again juggling COVID-19 concerns. However, shows at the Stranahan Theatre are still moving forward.

“Seeing people back in the seats here is wonderful. I think our audiences have enjoyed coming to the theater and being here. I think our crowds are pretty strong” said Dennis Sankovich, Interim Executive Director of the Stranahan.

The theatre has not run into any major issues, but representatives with the Stranahan said they had to shuffle some cast members in their current traveling show due to sicknesses.

For anyone coming to a show at the Stranahan, masks are required at all shows. Staff members and performers must wear them backstage in order to keep everyone as healthy as possible.

So far only one cast member in the current show at the Stranahan has had to stop performing due to COVID-19.

Officials say ticket goers should make decisions they are comfortable with, however, coming to the performances is safe and they have not had any major issues recently.

“I think our patrons have been very understanding, I mean nobody wants to get sick! And I think the thing is, they’re all wearing masks, you know everyone is concerned about this and we’re all doing our best to navigate the situation” said Sankovich.

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