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Film about pandemic resumes shooting in Northeast Ohio amid a pandemic

Local filmmaker resumes shooting his feature film about a pandemic that was halted due to pandemic

A filmmaker is back to shooting after the Coronavirus brought the movie production to a halt. However, this pandemic has taught the whole crew how to make the movie a little more real.

“You know, I wanted to make a productive film and I wanted to make a film that is going to be a compelling story for people to watch,” says local filmmaker, Scott Brosius.

For Brosius, getting to make a feature length film in Northeast Ohio was like a dream come true. A dream that he awoke from midway through, because when the state shut down in March, so did his movie.

Brosius says, “It really went from elation and we’re making something amazing, we’re making something relevant. We had a good 40 minutes of the feature made and then Covid-19 happened and it stopped us. It stopped us in our tracks.”

Now after months of waiting, production of “Vile” has finally resumed. Of course, they’re doing things a little differently.

“At arrival at the set, we’re taking people’s temperatures, wearing mask if you can, hand sanitizer stations that are contact free and then social distancing,” says Brosius.

However, not all the changes to the movie are bad, because the movie they’re trying to finish amid a pandemic is actually a film about a pandemic. So, as Scott gets back to shooting, he’s borrowing ideas from reality to feed his passion.

Brosius says, “I already had all of this written. As Covid-19 started changing the world we live in, I started taking notes also. One of the words that I didn’t know of at the time was social distancing. So, I started incorporating things like that, I started to incorporating that people have DIY masks. We just tried to make it a little bit more safe for everyone and it looks more compelling too, because all this has taught me how people would act in a pandemic.”

It’s also taught Brosius that sometimes the truth really is, stranger than fiction.

“This is a time capsule,” says Brosius. We’re going to look back 10 years from now and we’re going to say, ‘what did you do during the pandemic?’ I’m going to say, ‘we made a movie about a pandemic.’ It’s kind of a crazy thing.”

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