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Local 9-year-old writes book

Adam Elfadl's book, 'Earth's Resources,' is about gems, fossils and minerals.

TOLEDO, Ohio — You’ve probably heard the saying, “If you dream it - you can do it.”  A local boy is now living his dream as an author and he’s not even 10 years old.

Adam Elfadl is only 9 years old and has already written a book about rocks.

Adam enjoys many things in life like spending time with family, playing piano and learning about minerals.

“I asked my mom what our kitchen table was made of and she answered granite, and I had no idea what granite was so I went up to Google, like any other child, and entered "What is granite?" After that... it linked me to other websites. I kept going through it and through it and then I just put it down in a book,” says Adam.

That inspired him to write his book, “Earth’s Resources.” 

He says none of this would be possible without the support of his mother. 

“Every time I would think I didn’t have a chance of making a book, she would keep telling me you can do it and you can do it, and every time I felt discouraged, she would always help me through anything I needed," says Adam. 

“We raised Adam up that in life there’s a lot of achievements that he has to mark and he chose to mark his first early, which makes us so proud of him," added Amami Elhok, Adam's mother.

The 9-year-old still plans to write more books some day but when he grows up, he actually wants to be a pilot.

Adam wants to encourage kids just like him to follow their dreams. He even has a book signing and meet and greet at the Hampton Inn and Suites on Secor Road on Saturday, Jan. 14.


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