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First look at the Disney Animation Immersive Experience in Cleveland

The new Disney attraction will opens in Cleveland Thursday.

CLEVELAND — You know the movies, you know the characters and you know the songs. Now you can see them live thanks to Disney Animation Immersive Experience

"We created this world where you are inside the Disney scenes," says Lighthouse Immersive founder Corey Ross.

The experience transports you to the savanna with the Lion King, dancing with Bruno in Encanto, putting you face to face with some of Disney's most notorious villains, out to sea with Moana and much more. 

"It's not just watching a movie or standing in a theme park, you are literally living inside of it," said creative director Miles Dale. 

Brought to you by the same creators of Immersive Van Gogh, founder Corey Ross is taking this to a whole new level. Not only making the experience immersive but also interactive. 

"We had this incredible success with Van Gogh, but what's next? It's a combination of this incredible interactive and educational experience," said Ross. 

Disney Animation immersive Experience is a two-part experience that first brings guests through Disney's history, starting with Walt Disney, touching on the history of Disney animation. It also features Disney memorabilia and fun activations for kids. 

All of this leads up to the big show, that immerses you in 100 years of Disney animation. The show is displayed in a 500,000 cubic square foot room, equipped with 60 projectors, bubble machines and interactive animated floors. All of this brings you into the movies and songs we love. 

"It's a 360-degree experience," said Dale. "That was always the objective. Let's make people feel like they are inside this experience of every great song." 

An impressive production, all designed to make memories come to life and bring families together.

Disney Animation Immersive Experience in Cleveland begins on Thursday, Jan. 19, and runs until Monday, April 10. 

Tickets for the Disney Animation Immersive Experience are available HERE

3News' Christi Paul spoke with David Korins on What's Now about his inspiration for the experience. You can see that segment below.

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