When driving on Secor Road, a certain store might've stuck out to you for it's unique look; vinyl records drilled into the roof. 

"The Culture Clash Records roof was a staple for several years it added character to the store and to the city of Toledo," said Tim Friedman, owner of Culture Clash.Records 

The records are currently removed from the roof as the owner of the building is planning to invest to protect the building from weather elements

 "For now, we are going to figure out new weird ways for Culture Clash to belong and matter in Toledo’s artistic and musical community," said Friedman.

Friedman has been the owner of Culture Clash Records since 2017. With a degree in business and his passion for music, he took it upon himself to own the shop.

"A record store is literally all that I ever been interested in doing. Then unfortunately the previous owner unsuspectingly passed away and I rose to my feet and said that Culture Clash must continue," said Friedman.

From rock to hip-hop, there’s a wide range of music with over 25,000 to choose from.

"We pride ourselves for carrying a pretty good size collection that’s varied, so we got Beatles and Queen and David Bowie all these classics that will never go out of style," said Friedman.

Besides selling records the store also holds movie screenings and concerts.

"We have live music here regularly, right behind me the bright sign that says 'records' is where bands set up and play." 

Anyone looking for local entertainment, Culture Clash encourages folks to come out and with Black Friday tomorrow, this might just be the time to stop in.

 "We’re going to be marking records from 60% were going to have tons of boxes of fresh priced two dollar used records," said Friedman.

The store will be open at 10 a.m. on Black Friday and is open seven days a week.