BOWLING GREEN, Ohio — Beer Works is a local brewery located in north Grove Street in Bowling Green.

And YES, it’s located inside a neighborhood.

“We are very much a neighborhood pub. It’s great to have a walkable distance for people to get together to meet after work without a lot of driving or go home, change first and then come out,” said the owner of Beer Works, Justin Marx.

What makes this pub so unique, is it’s also a brewery.

“We have a manufacturing license which means we are allowed to brew and serve produce on the premises,” said Marx.

From blonde beer to passion fruit orange wheat, Beer Works handcrafts every beer on the menu. 

But if beer is really isn't your thing, they even serve wine.

“We are actually a winery people don’t know. So, we have some simple table wines we do a red and a white table wine from juice that we bring in from California and sometimes even Australia," said Marx

Whatever you choose to order, the regulars at the brewery all approve of the drinks as well as this pub.

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