ROSSFORD, OH (Toledo News Now) - The Rossford Police have installed a new license plate reader on the back of one of their patrol cars.

The reader will run a check on the vehicle to see if there are any warrants or if the car has been stolen as it drives by.

Rossford Police Officer Mike Hudak used to have to memorize a license plate number and call it into dispatch to receive any type of information on the car.

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"It scans for warrants and stolens on the registered owner of the vehicle and the license plates of the vehicle and it will alert on that if there is any such type of warrant out on it," said Hudak.

"Now I'm checking multiple cars as opposed to one every couple of minutes. This is just constantly scanning the plates," said Hudkak.

The reader will sound an alarm if it finds anything unusual.

Officer Hudak is the primary patrolman using the new equipment.

"It's always exciting when you get something new for the department, something that helps us for the investigations and traffic enforcements, and everything else," said Hudak.

"This will aid us in helping keep our stolen vehicles. You know getting the bad guys where they need to be and keeping crime down in Rossford. Keep the citizens and the city safe," said Hudak.