Off The Radar - Episode 47: Fill Out Your Weather Brackets!

It’s episode 47 of Off The Radar and we’re ready for March Madness. But we’re not filling out a basketball bracket, we’re doing it Off The Radar style with our top 32 weather terms. See who comes out on top in the 2019 Weather Madness Episode!

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It’s Episode 32 of Off The Radar! Some of us are not ready to give up on Halloween yet, even though it is November. As we kick off the new month the team lists 4 things to expect and each share some holiday traditions!

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It must be the full moon! We’re talking the history of modern meteorology with Ben Franklin. We explore how his observations and experiments began weather predictions. The whole team makes a bold forecast for the rest of this year and we look back at one of Ellyn’s favorite on-air moments!

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