Mild Last Week Before Christmas!

It may be tough to get in the holiday spirit with a forecast this mild. Highs will be in the 40′s for each of the next few days with relatively quiet winds and dry weather.

  Foggy morning, afternoon showers possible

First Alert Forecast: Expect a breezy weekend

First Alert Forecast: Rain showers this morning, Saturday

First Alert Forecast: Mild, Brighter Afternoon

Mild stretch of weather ahead

First Alert Forecast: Some Sun Now, Rain & Snow Chance Ahead

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First Alert Forecast: Frosty morning leads to cold, dry day

First Alert Forecast: Expect a warm up late in the week

Chilly start to the week, warm up on its way

Little More Chill, Big Warm Up Looms

Sunny, cool weather continues this week

Chill Before December Warm-Up Ahead!

Bright and Sunny Weekend

Tonight will turn frigid as low fall into the middle TEENS!

First Alert Forecast: Afternoon snow showers will bring light accumulations

Accumulations today will be light, around 1/2″ through the afternoon and evening.

First Alert Forecast: Snow is making its way back

While there are some temperature swings in this 10-day forecast,chances for rain/snow are relatively low for most days.

Snow Showers Return Thursday

Snow chances return Thursday with a fast moving system.

First Alert Forecast: Cold, cloudy day with snow chances tomorrow

Snow Chances The Next Few Days

First Alert Forecast: Cold, dry day

Cold weather returns, light snow showers possible

Winter Jackets This Week

First Alert Forecast: Chilly week, weekend ahead

Chilly Air Returns This Week

It’s back to December reality this week with highs in the 30′s through the upcoming weekend.

  Warm Sunday weather before temperature drop on Monday

Today’s high is a very warm 57 degrees. That’s 16 degrees above average, but not record-breaking.

A Major Warm Up Ahead, But Snow is Right Behind it!

Temperatures rise overnight as more rain pushes in.

First Alert Forecast: Cold and wet morning, dry and warmer afternoon

Temperatures will be hovering right around freezing in the low 30s, watch for slick spots on the roads.

Patchy Fog & Freezing Drizzle Out the Door!

You’ll need to be cautious on your morning commute again Friday, as there is a chance of fog and light freezing drizzle toward daybreak.

First Alert Forecast: Accumulating snow before weekend warmth

Most will see less than a half inch of accumulation. Highs today will struggle to reach the lower 30s.

Accumulating Snow Today Before Big Weekend Warm Up!

Accumulating snow will work in this afternoon.

First Alert Forecast: Gloomy, wintry feel all day

Highs remain frigid, only in the low 30s. It will remain in the 30s through the end of the work week.

First Alert Forecast: Brisk chill with flurries and light snow

Slippery spots on untreated roads will be expected, travel with caution.

Cold and breezy, but only minor accumulations tonight and Tuesday

Tonight and Tuesday: Cold and breezy with scattered snow showers. Only minor snow accumulations should be expected.

First Alert Forecast: Rain mixes with snow as day will get colder

Temperatures will begin the day near 40 degrees and fall through midday as a powerful cold front arrives.

Winter Weather Returns This Week

Our First Alert Day for Monday has been dropped. We are still expecting annoying weather with rain showers switching to snow showers after sunrise. Winds will gusts over 30 mph during the day with temperatures eventually dropping below freezing as the sun begins to set Monday night.

Mostly cloudy skies ahead of tomorrow’s FIRST ALERT DAY

A FIRST ALERT DAY is in effect for Monday. Rain will be steady in the morning followed by gusty winds and rain changing to snow during the afternoon.

Mild Sunday Before Frigid First Alert Days!

Get ready for a foggy start to the last weekend of November and the morning of the RIVALRY.

Mild Sunday before two frigid First Alert Days

Sunday will push highs into the upper 40s with mostly cloudy skies.Sunday night brings rain and quickly plummeting temperatures.

First Alert Forecast: Cool day, rain moving in for Ohio State/Michigan matchup

Mild and windy today for early Black Friday Shoppers. Today’s high will climb quickly to the mid to high 40s with some sunshine.

Happy Thanksgiving! We’re thankful for dry weather today

Partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies and cold this morning with temperatures in the upper teens and low 20s through daybreak.

Be ready for a chilly Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day Thursday: Mostly cloudy, very cold.

First Alert Forecast: Arctic Front with Light Snow and Bitter Cold

Mostly cloudy skies and chilly weather for early risers for pre-Thanksgiving travel.

Watch for cold weather through Thanksgiving, but windy and warmer Friday

We’ll experience cold weather through Thanksgiving, but have a windy and warmer Friday.

First Alert Forecast: Clouds Break For Some Sun

Some sunshine returns this afternoon with highs only in the middle 30s.

First Alert Forecast: Mild week, cool Thanksgiving

Patchy and dense areas of fog are expected this morning, likely through 10 a.m.

The Week Ahead: Thanksgiving Travel Forecast

An immediate warm-up isn't coming the next few days but dry weather is likely for your Thanksgiving travel plans.

  Snow continues to fall throughout your Sunday

Light snow will continue to fall throughout the day today with less than an inch accumulation.

First Alert Forecast: Snow moving in tonight

Tonight the light drizzle/rain will begin to turn to wet snowflakes after 11 p.m.

First Alert Forecast: Accumulating Snow Tonight Before More Mild Next Week!

It will remain mostly cloudy into the afternoon with highs in the upper 30s.

Snow tapers to flurries tonight; a few flurries possible on Friday

Don’t worry, it looks like a warm up for Thanksgiving.

First Alert Day: A wintry mix will cause slippery roads and possible accumulation

A wintry mix of sleet, freezing rain, snow and rain expected to arrive this morning.

FIRST ALERT DAY on Thursday as snow moves in then becomes a rain/snow mix

Expect a snow to rain/snow mix. But don’t worry, we’ll see a warm up for Thanksgiving.

First Alert Forecast: First Alert Morning for very cold temperatures

Temperatures will be in the upper teens with wind chills of 10 to 15 degrees in some areas this morning.

First Alert Day: Cold & Brisk Winter-Like Chill

Nothing more than a slushy minor accumulation possible as most snow is melting on contact.

Brace for bitter cold -- First Alert Days are Tuesday and Wednesday

FIRST ALERT DAYS are Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

First Alert Forecast: More Snow Tonight

Snow will arrive overnight and into Tuesday morning.

November Chill Continues: First Alert Days Ahead

Our chilly November air isn’t going anywhere our forecast looks out through the last weekend before Thanksgiving. First Alert Days are still in effect for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Dry & Cool Today Sunday

Sunday will turn more mild. Winds will be much calmer, highs will reach near 40 with partly sunny skies by afternoon.

Some Relief Sunday Before Two More First Alert Days!

Saturday's forecast.

FIRST ALERT DAY: Windy and very cold today; wind lessens on Sunday

FIRST ALERT DAYS: Friday, Saturday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

Windy Winter Chill Ahead

Friday, Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday are all First Alert Days.

First Alert Forecast: Cold today, snow and a First Alert Day tomorrow

A First Alert Day for Friday as rain and snow showers are likely on Friday morning, mixing with rain by mid morning.

Mild weather Thursday ahead of a First Alert Day Friday

ALERT DAY Friday: Rain/snow mix to all rain through midday. Expect slow downs during the morning commute. It will become windy late with a chance of snow showers.

First Alert Forecast: Cloudy skies and a chilly breeze; unseasonably cold next week

The gusty and cooler breeze will continue today at 15-25 mph with gusts to 35 mph.

Harsh winter cold soon to pay a visit

Be ready for two First Alert Days next week as winter weather comes early.

First Alert Day: Rainy, Windy Election Day

Southwest winds of 20-30 mph may gust to 40-45 mph late this morning and into the afternoon.

First Alert Day: Election Day With Snow Chances Ahead!

A First Alert Day on Tuesday for Election day. Rain will be likely, especially early in the day. Turning very windy into the afternoon and evening. Strong wind gust are possible Tuesday night and into Wednesday.

Overnight rain, mild Monday before First Alert Days

Monday may start with just a few isolated light showers for the bus stop. Rain will clear out by mid-morning. Highs will reach the upper 50s by afternoon.

Mild Monday Ahead of Back-to-Back First Alert Days!

Sunday night's forecast.

Nice Sunday before First Alert Days next week

Sunday, clouds will begin to increase through the afternoon as highs jump into the upper 50s. A slight rain threat picks up after sunset.

It’s a great chance to get outdoors Saturday, but snow around the corner?

Late week, it will be very cold Thursday through Sunday. Our first snowflakes of the cold weather season are possible.

Drier Weather Works in For the Weekend!

Weather forecast.

First Alert Forecast: Steady, soaking rain most of the day

Rain continues this afternoon with many areas near 1″ or more of rainfall today.

Get ready for soaking rain Thursday

Rain is likely by daybreak and will continue all Thursday. Rain amounts by sunset could reach over 1 inch.

First Alert Forecast: Rainy Halloween, should dry out for trick-or-treat

It will dry out for most for trick-or-treat time after 6 p.m, although a few areas of mist and drizzle will linger.

What’s the trick-or-treat forecast?

The chance of rain will pick up again Wednesday night and Thursday, especially along and east of I-75.

First Alert Forecast: Warmest day of week today, rain tonight

The breeze will be out of the south this afternoon making for the warmest day in over two weeks.

Trick-or-Treat Weather

Planning Trick-or-Treat time on Wednesday.

First Alert Forecast: Cloudy skies today, rain chances return later in week

It will be partly to mostly cloudy into the afternoon and early evening with highs today into the lower 50s.

Monday dry ahead of rainy week

Monday looks dry with partly sunny skies, a rare bright afternoon with some sunshine will be possible.

Rain, rain & more rain is on the way

Sunday may have a few early hours of dry weather before more soaking showers and downpours arrive mid-day.