First Alert Forecast: Lots of sunshine on this warm day

More sunshine will be expected into the afternoon with highs reaching into the middle 70s.

  First Alert Forecast: Cold and rainy weekend followed by a big improvement

First Alert Forecast: Rainy and gusty Good Friday

First Alert Forecast: Warm and humid with rounds of showers, storms

First Alert Forecast: Cool breeze, warmer the farther south you go

First Alert Forecast: Sunshine, warmer weather this afternoon

First Alert Forecast: Dry and brighter weather returns

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  Mild, Showery Spring Days Ahead

  First Alert Day brings soaking rain and gusty winds

Mild Saturday before soaking rains bring a First Alert Day Sunday

First Alert Forecast: Rain, storms and strong winds

  First Alert Forecast: Lookout for those April showers with thunder

Chilly temperatures in the north, major warm-up for southern counties

  First Alert Forecast: Winds continue Thursday and Friday

The weekend will be split as Saturday will be dry while there’s nearly a 100 percent chance of rain Sunday.

First Alert Forecast: Cold breeze arrives with brief chance of evening rain

There will be a brief chance of rain showers later into the evening.

First Alert Forecast: More bright sunshine, mild and breezy

Partly to mostly sunny skies will be expected into the afternoon with highs in the low and middle 60s.

First Alert Forecast: Partly sunny, spring-feeling afternoon

It will be a warmer and dry afternoon with highs in the upper 60s and low 70s.

Spring Swings Ahead

First Alert Forecast: Warm with late afternoon shower chances

First Alert Forecast: Sunny skies and 60°

Welcome a warmer weekend!

FIRST ALERT: warm weekend

First Alert Forecast: Warm Up Into Your Weekend

FIRST ALERT: planning your weekend

The weekend will be a split: some sunshine and some rain likely.

First Alert Forecast: Cold lake breeze, rain chances

Temperatures today will stay in the low to mid 40s.

  FIRST ALERT: The Weather Turns Foul for Opening Day

The weather is set to turn cold, windy and rainy for Toledo Mud Hens opening day.

Bright today, rainy tomorrow!

Only a few clouds roll into mostly clear skies today as highs climb to the upper 50s and low 60s. Tonight, clouds and cold rain arrive.

Opening Day Week in Toledo

Sunshine Wednesday will turn to a cold, winter like rain Thursday. Temperatures will rebound for the weekend.

First Alert Forecast: More sunshine, mild day

Highs this afternoon will turn warmer, reaching into the middle and upper 50s.

First Alert Forecast: More sunshine, a bit warmer today

A slow warm up into the afternoon with mostly sunny skies.

A Return to Sunshine and Warm Weather

You can expect sunny skies and cold wind gusting up to 25 mph. The windchill will make it feel like it’s in the mid 20s.

A Few Snowflakes Possible Tonight

At the tail end of our rain tonight, we could see a bit of snow.

First Alert Forecast: Rainy Saturday

Some areas could to get more than an inch of rain before the system wraps up Sunday morning.

First Alert Forecast: Rain this weekend before the warm-up next week

Sunday we get a break from the rain as it will be a dry and chilly one. Highs will near 40.

First Alert Forecast: Cold lake breeze before Saturday wash out

By afternoon a cold lake breeze will take over allowing temperatures only in the mid 40s.

  FIRST ALERT: Chilly Weather Expected

Highs near 70 degrees Thursday afternoon will not be repeated anytime soon. Prepare for some rainy and chilly weather heading into the weekend.

First Alert Forecast: Light rain showers today kick off a soggy stretch

Off and on light rain will be possible through the rest of your Thursday, as highs reach again into the upper 50s.

  Rain tonight kicks off several days of showers

Tonight, rain becomes likely after midnight. This will be the start of several days of spring showers. A chilly setting can be expected especially Friday through Sunday.

First Alert Forecast: More sun before days of rain

Highs will reach into the mid 50s. This will easily be the most comfortable day of the week!

  Warm-Up Before Spring Showers Return

After two straight days of sunny weather, warmer air will finally join the party with highs well into the 50's Wednesday afternoon.

First Alert Forecast: Bright, sunny day

Bright sunshine all morning and into the afternoon with highs in the low and middle 40s.

How About That Sunshine?

It won't go down as the warmest last week of March ever but there are more of these sunny, clear sky days ahead.

First Alert Forecast: Sunny skies return this afternoon

Clouds will quickly decrease into the afternoon with brighter sunshine arriving.

  Cool Start To The Week

A cool start to the first full week of spring will eventually give way to mild air and rain chances. Monday will be a cloudy, breezy day with a biting wind off Lake Erie.

Gusty winds and light rain blows in on Sunday

Today’s high will have a hard time getting to 50 degrees. Expect mostly cloudy skies with gusty winds up to 25 mph in the afternoon. There’s a chance of a rain and winter remix before midnight which could carry over into Monday morning.

Rain Will Wrap Up the First Weekend of Spring

Rain will move in for your Sunday afternoon.

Brighter Day Saturday

A brighter day ahead Saturday with mostly sunny skies. Our next system we're watching arrives late Sunday and especially Monday with more clouds, a chilly lake breeze and scattered rain showers.

First Alert Forecast: Colder, cloudy and breezy

A gusty and brisk wind will quickly increase with highs only in the upper 30s to near 40 degrees.

  First Alert Forecast: Old Man Winter pays a visit

Friday’s weather will have you reaching for the winter coat and all the accessories.

FIRST ALERT: from winter to spring fever!

Friday will feel wintry especially with strong wind gusts. Brighter weather returns soon.

First Alert Forecast: Cool, cloudy spring day

It will remain cloudy into the early afternoon with a few break for some late day sunshine.

First Alert Forecast: Spring showers expected Thursday evening

Spring is coming in with some significant swings in the weather with chilly spring showers Thursday evening going into the night. Low temperatures will be in the upper 30s

First Alert Forecast: Spring showers move in this afternoon, evening

Rain showers will develop into the afternoon and evening as Spring officially arrives.

FIRST ALERT: rain showers for the beginning of spring

Rain showers are likely for the beginning of spring.

First Alert Forecast: Dry and mild day

Partly sunny skies into the afternoon with highs today turning slightly warmer into the middle and upper 40s. ra

FIRST ALERT: all you need to know this week

A chance of rain at midweek, then a nice warm up for the weekend.

First Alert Forecast: Partly sunny, dry, pleasant afternoon

It will be partly sunny, dry and pleasant this afternoon with highs near 40 degrees.

First Alert Forecast: Warmer weather on the horizon

It’ll be a slow but steady climb this week toward warmer weather.

March Warm-Up Ahead

It'll be a slow but steady climb this week toward warmer weather.

  First Alert Forecast: Cold St. Patrick’s Day with wintry mix later in the day

Chance of a light wintry mix later in the afternoon south of Defiance and Bowling Green.

St. Patrick’s Day Snow Showers

Our four leaf clovers will have snowflakes falling on them Sunday with light St. Patrick's Day snow showers likely.

Chilly temperatures and sunny skies for St. Patrick’s Day weekend

Enjoy some sunshine today! Temperatures come close to a chilly 40 degrees. Gusty winds are expected.

First Alert Forecast: Damp and Chilly Afternoon

Winds will be strong and gusty with wind gusts of 30 to 40 mph expected.

FIRST ALERT DAY for strong, possibly severe afternoon thunderstorms

A FIRST ALERT DAY has been issued for the risk of strong or possibly severe thunderstorms this afternoon.

First Alert Thursday brings chance of storms

Temperatures will soar to around 70 degrees Thursday. Showers are likely with a chance of thunderstorms developing.

First Alert Forecast: Feeling even warmer today, a few showers possible

A FIRST ALERT DAY has been issued for Thursday due to the threat of strong or severe afternoon storms.

First Alert Forecast: Temperatures continue to rise

Spring fever will be spreading this week with temperatures climbing. Clouds will increase overnight leading to much less sunshine Wednesday and Thursday.

First Alert Forecast: Sunshine today, warmer weather ahead

Brighter sunshine will be expected into the afternoon with highs in the middle 40s.

  Warm-up continues as we get a glimpse of spring weather

Spring fever will be spreading this week with temperatures climbing Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

First Alert Forecast: Warmer spring weather ahead

A major spring warm up arrive Wednesday with highs rising into the 50s, then possibly shooting toward 70 degrees on Thursday!

Mild start to the week before major warm up

Today’s winds will continue to calm through the evening and overnight as lows drop into the upper 20s and clouds start to move out.

Major Warm Up This Week!

Wind gusts up to 40 mph could push your car around on the roadways. A wind advisory is in effect until 4 p.m. for southeast Michigan and northwest Ohio.

Soaking Rain Tonight to Blustery Winds Tomorrow

Today’s high is a mild 41 degrees with gusty winds and rain late in the day.

Soaking showers and blustery winds this weekend

Rain will move in by Saturday evening, with Toledo seeing steady showers near sunset.

First Alert Forecast: Early flurries, afternoon sun

The light snow threat will wrap up late morning with partly sunny skies breaking through.

Temperatures slowly rise, bringing chance of weekend rain

Expect cooler temperatures the next few days! However, a slight warm up over the weekend brings with it the chance of heavy rains.

First Alert Forecast: More extreme March cold

It will be mostly cloudy and cold this afternoon with highs near the middle 20s.

First Alert Forecast: Frigid cold continues, Warmer weekend in sight

Extremely cold March weather with highs in the upper teens to near 20 degrees.

Warmer weather and rain expected later in the week

The weekend will be warmer with possible rain, especially Saturday afternoon through Sunday morning.

First Alert Forecast: Winter cold is back

Mostly cloudy skies and much colder this morning with temperatures more like the middle of winter.

Spring Is On Hold This Week. Chilly Days Ahead!

The next few days will test your winter toughness as our minds start demanding spring, winter cold is holding tough. Highs Monday and Tuesday will hover near 20 degrees. Some of the coldest early March weather on record.