Retiring after 68 years at one Toledo company

By Lauren Lowrey - bio | email 

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Betty Marlowe, 84, has worked the last 68 years at Perfect Measuring Tape in Toledo. "I got the job because I lived on the North end, and I could walk to work," she said, "I made 50 cents an hour after school. In those days, your dad got half of the wages."

Marlowe started part-time in 1941 doing office work. Nearly 70 years later, she's still getting up early every morning to go there. "At ten minutes after six I come in, open the doors, and get everything ready. So when Andy comes in, its just like it's been open all day."

"She's really sort of the company historian," says her boss Andy, "She has an incredible memory. She's a great resource of information. Not just about the company and the history of the company, but about how things run."

In 68 years, Marlowe has worked for Andy, Andy's father and Andy's grandfather. One of her favorite stories comes from the oldest. "He'd stand over the back of me and always have a cigar in his mouth and all the ashes would go in my hair, I'll never forget. He was the sweetest old man."

Through nearly seven decades of commitment, Marlowe is now on her last day. The company just can't get enough of their beloved historian and office manager. "She will not be replaced," Andy said, "Its gonna be hard to find somebody with the dedication and loyalty that's she's proven."

No regrets for Betty. "If I had it to do over again, I'd turn right back and do it again."