Cost tallied for massive Lake Erie ice rescue

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(WTOL) - We now know just how much last month's massive ice rescue on Lake Erie cost, and the numbers are staggering. The total is nearly $250,000.

  • The Ottawa County sheriff tells News 11 his office spent more than $11,000 on three air boats.
  • Also, 58 Coast Guard personnel responded at a cost of $21,000.
  • Three helicopters ran up a bill for 13 hours, totaling $134,000.
  • Just five hours of a Coast Guard aircraft cost tax payers $79,000.

There are currently no plans to charge the more than 130 fisherman who were pulled from the ice floe.

Nearly all the fisherman made it out unharmed. One man died during the rescue. Fisherman Leslie Love fell through the ice during rescue. Ottawa County Sheriff Bob Bratton says the 65-year-old man made it ashore, but CPR attempts on the way to the hospital were not enough to save him.

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