Ecotrack 11: Northwest Ohio company utilizes ground water

Reported by Tara Hastings - email | bio

Posted by Cathan Bricker

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - More than half of Ohio cities are using ground water, according to the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

"There's not (nearly) the treatment cost to produce the gallons per minute, and it's less expensive water to produce to the public," says Jim Watson of Watson Well Drilling.

Watson says some wells can produce thousands of gallons of clean, natural water per minute.

One type of well is a casing used for limestone in most of Northwest Ohio, and the other is used mostly in Williams and Defiance Counties, where there is a lot of sand.

"You install a stainless steel screen that will hold the sand and gravel to the outside and allows the water to come through," Watson says.

Ground water is a plentiful natural resource in Ohio because of glacier deposits.