WTOL/The Blade Career Camp Highlights

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TOLEDO (WTOL) - If you missed Career Camp, you can still view the Powerpoint slides from the presentations.


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    • How to Navigate a Job Fair - Get tips from these sales professionals on how to make a great first impression! This workshop will focus on a variety of topics including the structure of a job fair, interviewing tips, and dress and appearance.
    • Resume Writing - This workshop will focus on the basics of resume development and how to design the right resume.
    • Resume Review- Bring your current resume to be personally reviewed by local business professionals.
    • Interviewing Techniques - This workshop will focus on the art of interviewing, and give you valuable tips on how to answer difficult questions, how to begin and end an interview, and how to convince an employer that you are the right person for the job.
    • Jobs of the Future - Education leaders representing jobs of the future in Northwest Ohio will present a panel discussion to give you insight on the current labor market projections for high growth jobs and industries, and how to prepare for these jobs.


Job Fair

After Career Camp prepares you for the job hunt, be sure to attend the WTOL/Blade Job Fair on May 1.