Toledo red light petition drive advances

From a news release:

The campaign to ban red light cameras is in full gear in Toledo, as organizers hold their fourth organizing meeting this Thursday night, March 5, at 7 p.m. at Delaney's Lounge, 309 West Alexis, Toledo.

To date, dozens of volunteers have fanned out over the cold winter months, distributing petitions and collecting signatures. The Committee estimates that more than 3,000 signatures have been gathered to date.

"We are thrilled with the response we have received to date," said Hans Schnapp the co-Chairman of the organizing Committee dubbed WeDemandAVote.Com/Toledo. "The response from volunteer circulators as well as petition signers has been enthusiastic in favor of restoring their liberties."

The WeDemandAVote.Com/Toledo Committee is circulating petitions for a Charter Amendment that effectively would ban the use of unmanned red light and speeding cameras in the City of Toledo. To attain ballot access this November, the Committee must gather approximately 4,800 valid signatures by mid-August.

Interested parties may obtain petitions and more information by coming to the organizing meeting, logging in to

or contacting Hans G. Schnapp at 419-255-4850 or

. Delaney's Lounge is also the official pick-up and drop-off location for petitions