Scam Alert: Local boxing club says they are not collecting

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TOLEDO (WTOL) - As a scammer, police are calling him a heavyweight. He may have already collected thousands of dollars from his victims.

The Interantional Boxing Club on Adams works with about 65 kids. They do homework after school, work on community projects and then jump in the ring.

The director there now has a warning. He says something his kids rarely do is hit local parking lots asking you for cash.

"Our goal is to make champions in life," he tells News 11. International Boxing Club Director Harry Cummins encourages his kids to slug out their passions on the rugs and in the ring. The program for these underprivileged youths doesn't run cheap. "There have been times where I'm scratching my head, 'How do I keep the lights on?'

Despite that, he says if someone asks you to donate money toward his club, you might be taking an unexpected punch. "It's not taking advantage of me. It's taking advantage of the kids. It's giving our organization a bad name."

That's because about a year ago, Cummins discovered someone had been using his club's name to collect cash. A business had called and tipped him off. 'We're going to call the police on your kids. They're rude. We don't want your kids out here collecting money,' is what the caller said. Cummins told him, "Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Our kids aren't out there collecting money. What's going on here?"

What's worse, the suspected scammer used teenagers to do his dirty work. "She said, 'One of your kids just swung at me. I'm going to be calling the police.' I said, 'Please call the police. They're not our kids.'"

Last month, Cummins said he was hit up himself when he went to the Target on Alexis Road. "I said, 'Who do you represent?' He said, 'International Boxing Club.' I said, 'no, no, no, no.'"

Cummins said that kid gave him a name. Police say they are investigating and following up on the lead. "He's just scum. We need to get him off the streets," Cummins told us. He wants the man responsible finally knocked out with an arrest.

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