Third layoff teaches local woman 'how very, very little you need to survive'

By Lauren Lowrey - bio | email 

Posted by Kate Oatis - email

TOLEDO (WTOL) - One layoff is devastating enough. Try going through three in two years -- all because of downsizing.

It happened to Mary Ames, and now, one of her biggest challenges is staying positive in the midst of crisis.

"I will try. I will first have to catch my breath from this impact because it's still so fresh and so hurtful," Ames said.

Friday was Ames' last day at Owens Corning where she's been working the last 8 months. Her status, she says, is due to the shrinking economy.

But, the trouble is, this has happened twice before to Ames. In 2007, she weathered foreclosure and a downsizing layoff at a Michigan company. She got another job through a temporary agency, only to lose it a few months later to downsizing.

After burning through her unemployment and her savings, Ames started working as a temp for Owens Corning, only to lose her job -- again.

"I'm kinda like sitting here, in a little boat, in the middle of a big ocean, very unsure of which way the waves are gonna take me," Ames said.

With grandchildren who depend on her and no spouse, this transition has been the most difficult, she says.

"If it's taught me one thing, it has taught me how very, very little you need to survive."

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