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Chat note

The spokesman for Mayor Finkbeiner is making headlines of his own because of a personal blog.

Excerpts from Jason Webber's private MySpace blog have been posted to the website

Webber is quoted as saying his first four months with the mayor were bizarre, exhausting, and soul battering.

He tells News 11 he regrets the comments and is proud to be part of the Finkbeiner administration.

Webber also tell us his Myspace account may have been hacked into and his comments were taken out of context on the SwampBubbles website.


Private blog fair game for a public website?

Today's big topic -- Work Spouses:

A work spouse is a co-worker, of the opposite sex, you have a close, platonic relationship with. A 2007 survey from, a career information site, claims 23 percent of workers have one.

Do you?

Here are a few signs you've got a work spouse: 

  • You depend on one particular person for office supplies, snacks, or aspirin.
  • You and that co-worker share inside jokes.
  • Your co-worker knows what to order for you for lunch and knows how you like your coffee -- and vice versa.
  • Your work spouse knows almost as much about your personal life as your best friend or real life spouse.

Come on, admit it. Do you have a work spouse?

There are benefits of a close relationship. For example, a support system at work, or making a productive team because the pair knows so much about each other.

But, would your real spouse be okay with a work spouse?

Is a relationship like that a form of emotional cheating?


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