Local unemployment stats worst yet

The local unemployment numbers just came out for January. It shows our area had its worst month yet in this recession.

Lucas County

Lucas County reports a 13.3% unemployment rate. The county is 23rd-highest in the state. The unemployment rate for Toledo specifically is 14.3%.

Southern Counties

Wood County came in with 11.6% and Hancock came in at 9.9%.

Eastern Counties

The eastern counties were the hardest hit in January. The two counties with the highest unemployment rates in the entire state are Huron and Ottawa.

Erie 14.1%
Huron 18.3%
Ottawa 17%
Sandusky 13.2%
Seneca 12.4%

Western Counties

Defiance 14.0%
Henry 15.0%
Fulton 15.3%
Paulding 13.4%
Putnam 11.9%
Williams 15.4%