Council votes down mayor's income tax proposal

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TOLEDO (WTOL) - Toledo City Council is saying "no" to an income tax proposal from the mayor.

The mayor wants council to lower the income tax credit given to city residents who work in other communities, from 100% down to 50%.

Last night, residents packed the meeting to speak against it. The council committee voted 9-0, with two abstaining, to recommend "disapproval" to the full council.

A final vote is expected in two weeks.

Mayor's response

The mayor released a statement saying "Several councilmen are politically without courage. Let's see if they have the moxie to balance the $6 million hole with a fiscally responsible plan. The ball is in city council's court now."

Mayor Finkbeiner Responds to Council Vote on Tax Credit

This afternoon, in response Toledo City Council's decision to vote down amending the City of Toledo's reciprocity tax credit, Mayor Finkbeiner released the following statement:

"The vote tonight was quite simple -- City Council chose to do what was politically correct -- but not what was necessary to help balance a budget that has already been reduced by nearly $43 million.

Today, one of every six Toledo wage earners is paying an average of one-sixth of the amount the other five taxpayers are paying to the City. In total, 19,200 Toledoans are getting a tax break in Toledo. This is not fair, and has been corrected in cities like Perrysburg, Bowling Green, Findlay, Detroit, and Cleveland.

Today's vote protected 19,200 men and women, but harmed fairness, a balanced budget, and 104,000 taxpaying Toledoans."