Mayor's spokesperson causing stir on MySpace

Posted by LS - email

TOLEDO  (WTOL) - The spokesman for Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner is making headlines of his own this morning.

Excerpts from Jason Webber's private blog on MySpace have been posted to the Toledo blog

Webber is quoted as saying his first four months with the mayor were bizarre, exhausting, and soul-battering. Also, he says, "The mayor continues to dig his political grave as he gets himself in one pickle after another."

Webber told News 11 he regrets the comments and is proud to be part of the Finkbeiner administration.

At least one councilman says city employees need to be more careful. "You represent the city of Toledo. Your actions will often be held against you if you do something stupid or negative. So we all have to be very careful with what we do," said George Sarantou.

Webber also told us his MySpace account may have been hacked into and that his comments were taken out of context on the Swamp Bubbles web site.